Which Of The Following Lamp Has The Least Capacity To Sustain Voltage Fluctuations?

The lamp that cannot sustain much voltage fluctuations is

(b) mercury vapor lamp.

Which of the following lamp has the least capacity to sustain voltage fluctuations?

The lamp that cannot sustain much voltage fluctuations is

(b) mercury vapor lamp.

What is the Colour of sodium Vapour lamp?


Which will need the highest level of illumination?

Proof reading will need the highest level of illumination.

What is illumination level?

The quantity of light that illuminates a surface; measured in foot candles or in lux.

Which of the following application does not require ultraviolet lamp?

SOLUTION. Car lighting does not need ultra-violet lamps.

Which of the following will need the lowest level of illumination Mcq?

10. Which of the following will need lowest level of illumination ? D : Auditoriums.

Which lamp has least working hours?

Incandescent bulbs generally have the shortest lifespans. The average incandescent bulb light span is approximately 750 -2,000 hours.

Which of the following type of lamp gives more illumination from low wattage?

(D) low power factor. (D) GLS lamps. (D) Mercury vapor at high pressure. (D)4π.


Q 1- 15Q 16- 30
Q 61- 75Q 76- 90
Q 91- 105Q 106- 120
Q 121- 135Q 136- 150

How is light produced by an electric discharge lamp?

Discharge Lamps: The lamps that emit light of the color produced by discharge take place through the gas or vapor present in the discharge tube such as neon gas, sodium vapor, mercury vapor, etc. In all discharge lamps, an electric current is passed through a gas or vapour which renders it luminous.

What should be the illumination level required for precision work?

Detailed Solution

ActivityIllumination (lux, lumen/m2 )
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works1500 - 2000
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast and very small size for prolonged periods of time2000 - 5000
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks5000 - 10000

What does minimum level of illuminance mean?

A camera's minimum illumination, contrary to the sensitivity, is not clearly defined in CCTV. It usually refers to the lowest possible light at the object at which a chosen camera gives a recognizable video signal.

What is illuminance level?

According to NOAO, “Light level or illuminance, is the amount of light measured in a plane surface (or the total luminous flux incident on a surface, per unit area). The work plane is where the most important tasks in the room or space are performed.”

Which gas is used in sodium Vapour lamp?

A low-pressure sodium-vapour (LPS) lamp contains an inner discharge tube made of borosilicate glass that is fitted with metal electrodes and filled with neon and argon gas and a little metallic sodium.

Which of the following is a cold cathode lamps?

Cold cathode lamps: Neon lamp, neon sign tubes, sodium vapor lamp.

Which lamp has least working life in hours?

Incandescent lamps are low efficiency. Incandescent lamps have a short life expectancy (1200 hours).

Which bulb operates on lowest power?

Detailed Solution

BulbsMinimum wattage rating
Night bulb5 watt
Neon bulb150 watt
GLS bulb40 watt
Torch bulb0.25 watt

What is the illumination level in the kitchen Mcq?


Which of the following need the lowest level of illumination?

Right Answer is:

Railway platform, Hospital ward requires a low level of illumination but the amount of illumination also depends on the platform size, structure ( Open, Covered), and the number of passengers.

What is light illumination?

Illumination is defined as the energy of light (ε) striking a surface of specific unit area per unit time. From: Applied Spectroscopy, 1998.

What are the requirements of good street lighting?

One key objective for street and road lighting is to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The quantity and quality of lighting

  • More light (Lm), up to a point.
  • Uniformity of light (Uo), up to a point.
  • Reduced glare (TI)
  • Good color rendering (Ra)
  • White light, especially in densely populated areas.

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