Who Discover Who Discovered Cell?

Robert Hooke

Who discovered cell membrane?

The correct answer is Robert Hooke. A cell membrane is also called the plasma membrane, a thin membrane that surrounds every living cell. Cell membranes are composed primarily of fatty-acid-based lipids and proteins. Robert Hooke discovered the cell membrane in the late 1600s.

Who discovered chromosome?

Walther Flemming

Who first discovered nucleus as a cell organelle?

Robert Brown

Who discovered all cell organelles?

Mitochondria - Albert von Kolliker studied mitochondria in muscle cell in 1857; Richard Altmann first recognized them as cell organelle in 1894; Term "mitochondria' coined by Carl Benda in 1898. Nucleus - Robert Brown discovered cell nucleus in 1833. Ribosomes -Discovered by George Palade in 1955.

Who is the father of Golgi body?

Camillo Golgi

Who discovered by lysosomes?

Christian de Duve

Who discovered the vacuole?

The plant vacuole was first discovered in 1676 by a Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Considered as the 'father of microbiology', he contributed to the development of a number of lenses for microscopes, which allowed him to be the first to observe living cells .

When was your organelle discovered?

In 1833, Brown observed and described the nucleus, the first organelle. In 1838, the many and various observations were converted into a cell theory by Schleiden, who proposed that all plant tissues were composed of nucleated cells. The following year Schwann applied this cell theory to animal tissues.

Who first discovered the mitochondria?

physiologist Albert von Kolliker

Who discovered cell and how answer?

Answer- Cell was discovered by an English Botanist, Robert Hooke in 1665. He used self-designed microscope to observe cells in a cork slice back then.

Who discovered Golgi?

Camillo Golgi

Who discovered nucleus answer?

Robert Brown

Who discovered cytoplasm?

The term was introduced by Rudolf von Kölliker in 1863, originally as a synonym for protoplasm, but later it has come to mean the cell substance and organelles outside the nucleus.

Who discover who discovered cell?

Robert Hooke

Who discovered cytoskeleton?

Nikolai K. Koltsov

Who first discovered nucleus in cell in 1831?


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